Weaving is a simple, stylish way to upgrade the design and quality of your products. Choosing the right weaving option makes your brand memorable and adds value to your products.

Over three decades of weaving top-quality products with jacquard weaving machines have made us experts at producing accurate, clear images. We know that our method – jacquard weaving – is the best at creating precise and solid patterns on labels, emblems, patches, and other items.

We weave labels, emblems, patches, ribbons, pennants, keychains, and other products to satisfy your design needs.

Why choose our woven products:

  • woven items are ideal for highlighting small details in logos, patches, or images,
  • they convey quality and a stylish, tasteful aesthetic,
  • woven items are more durable: they resist washing, wear, and environmental impact with colors and images staying intact,
  • the woven details of your project express your brand’s or organization’s quality and value, making it more appealing,
  • we stay at the forefront of technical innovation, which allows us to produce woven products with incredibly complex images and colors.

In order to meet the essential needs of your business, we also provide label folding services. Our label folding options:

If you need to add woven details to your products, we will advise you regarding the most suitable solution.

We are flexible and open to orders of all volumes and levels of complexity. If your project needs it, we can combine weaving, embroidery, and screen printing. Contact us and we will help you achieve the exclusive results you require.

We partner with companies and organizations in various fields:
State institutions
and organizations
Security services, merchants of military paraphernalia
Hunting clubs and
manufacturers and
sewing companies
Private companies
Various clubs, public organizations

Our weaving capacity – 1,000,000 labels per month.
The minimum order quantity for labels: 1000 pieces.
Label prices: from 0.03 Euros.
The minimum order quantity for emblems: 50 pieces.
Emblem prices: from 0.70 Euros.

Leave your request and we will get back to you promptly.