Screen printing

Our screen printing service gives your products a classic, stylish look paired with quality and recognition for your brand or organization.

We specialize in screen printing T-shirts, jumpers, bags, scarves, and other textiles. Screen printing is the process of transferring inscriptions or images onto a textile surface using mesh, ink, and swipes.

How screen printing works: we create an elaborate stencil on a fine mesh and then use ink to emboss the pattern, creating an accurate imprint of your design on the chosen surface. We print with automatic 7-color carousels and manual 8-color carousels.

Why choose screen printing for your project:

  • we serve clients from diverse industries and have experience crafting all types of screen-printed products (including T-shirts, jumpers, bags, and scarves),
  • we use only high-quality, eco-friendly, water-based inks. Work with us to meet your and your customers’ sustainability objectives,
  • our expertise means we can tackle complex projects using gloss paste, glitter, and other materials to achieve outstanding results,
  • designs crafted with our silk screen method are top-quality and much more durable than those made with digital textile printing,
  • screen printing increases the visibility and recognition of your organization or brand,
  • thanks to our decades of experience, we can guide you through the complex printing process. We help you decide what solutions and materials are best to achieve your desired results.

For example, screen printing on dark fabrics can be difficult. The standard translucent inks are not powerful enough to provide coverage of the fabric color. To overcome this, we adapt the process using modified ink to produce vivid colors and bring your design to life.

Light fabrics do not have this issue and specialist inks (such as light-reflecting, embossed, matte, glossy, corrosive, or water-based pastes) can be used to modify the process.

We also create unique, decorative effects that combine screen printing and flocking (or flock printing) to give a unique look to your product. We are among only a few Lithuanian companies that have mastered this difficult technique.

We provide screen printing services for various types of companies and organizations:
manufacturing companies
Sewing companies
Advertising agencies
Companies from
various other industries

Our production capacity per shift: 6000 pieces.
Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces.
Price: from 0.40 Euros, depending on complexity.

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