Flock printing

Flock printing (or flocking) highlights your product’s uniqueness with outstanding texture and look. As a finishing for textile or paper surfaces, it is unparalleled in its stylish appearance – and it is the perfect choice to increase the recognition and value of your product.

In our flocking process, we use a velvet-finish electrostatic applicator and flock: a textile fiber cut into fine particles.

We coat your chosen surface (textile or paper) with dye, adhesive, and millions of flock particles. The size of particles varies between 0.5 and 1 mm depending on the desired effect. The result of the process is a velvety and fluffy rendering of your image or inscription.

Our vast experience allows us to combine an advanced flocking method with screen printing to produce unique decorative effects.

Why choose flock printing for your product:

  • it is a high-quality, versatile, and durable finishing that can be used on textiles (such as T-shirts, jumpers, bags, scarves) as well as paper surfaces like book covers and leaflets,
  • flock printing can feature detailed and complex images or inscriptions designed by you,
  • it gives the feel and looks of a surface of a velour-like, velvety texture,
  • flocking achieves an outstanding appearance and conveys uniqueness and luxury. It makes your products stand out from competitors.
We are a leading Lithuanian company in the application of complex flocking technologies. We provide flocking services for companies from a variety of industries, including:
manufacturing companies
Sewing companies
Advertising agencies
Printing houses
Companies from
various other industries

Our production capacity per shift: 1000 pieces.
Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces.
Price: from 1.10 Euros.

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