Embroidery is a proven method to improve the look and perceived quality of clothing or other textile items. Traditionally, embroidery was done by hand or using a sewing machine. This method makes for slow and laborious hand embroidery.

However, today, embroidery with specialized sewing machines using a zigzag seam allows us to create complex patterns on fabric at high speed.

We can embroider the design your project requires, including inscriptions, logos, or images. We specialize in the production of epaulets, shoulder marks, insignia, patches, and accessories for state organizations and security services.

We can embroider a solid, stylish company logo or combine embroidery with other technologies to create a unique appearance for your product.

We embroider items for companies and organizations in the following areas:
manufacturing companies
Sewing companies
Advertising agencies
Security services, merchants of military paraphernalia
Hunting clubs and
State institutions
and organizations
Companies from
various other industries

Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces.
Price: from 0.40 Euros per 1000 stitches.

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